Downtown, A Love Story

Posted on 9/11/2010 by Darek Zdziaszek in INTERIOR DESIGN


A sculpture by Jason Rogenes rises through the center of a staircase by Peter Guthrie, chief creative officer at DDG Partners, the husband’s investment and real-estate company. Photograph by Eric Laignel.

I would recommend, read the Ingrid Abramovitch story in INTERIOR DESIGN "Donwntown, A Love Story" or follow Cindy Allen as she tours a six-story urban townhouse in TriBeCa designed by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design TV.


Jes Paone, Chris Nogoy, Stephanie Kim, Katheryn Salazar: DDG Partners
vané broussard; giovanna sguera; karina dharmazi; mandi marsh; andrea dovalle; stephanie shepherd; sophie bernhardt; abby savage: ghislaine viñas interior design. kit middleton architect: architect of record. richard j. shaver archi­tectural lighting: lighting consultant. robert silman associates structural engineers: structural engineer. plus group: mep. bjork carle woodworking: woodwork. fritzmartin electric: electical contractor. palone bros.: mechanical contractor. heirloom wood flooring corporation: flooring con­tractor. b&g full construction: finish contractor. 3 fingers painting: painting contractor.

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